Průmyslová organická chemie

Hradil, Pavel

1. edition,2023, 136 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6290-5
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obor - Chemie
The textbook deals with industrial chemistry, discussing it from various perspectives. The first part briefly overviews commonly used equipment and construction materials. Other key aspects affecting industrial production, such as economics, legislation and ecology, are also discussed in this section. Important factors that distinguish industrial production from laboratory practice are also discussed. Other chapters focus on chemistry and include descriptions of technologies that are or have been used to produce crucial chemicals. Firstly, the raw materials are discussed, such as coal, oil, natural gas and biomass, as well as their processing into essential bulk commodities. The following part of the textbook describes the production of bulk chemicals with an overview of older and newer related technologies, including reaction conditions. The last part of the textbook covers applied bulk chemistry. The production of polymers, dyes, explosives, and tensides and the use of chemicals produced in the previous chapters is then demonstrated through a selection of examples. All parts of the textbook include critical timelines to help the reader understand the chronology of events, how long some technologies have been in use, and the time required for a new discovery to get applied.

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