Závislostní chování na internetu. Proměny chování generací v digitální éře

Šmahaj, Jan
Glaser, Ondřej
Kolařík, Marek

1. edition,2020, 120 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6287-5
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obor - Psychologie
Internet is quickly getting into our normal lives and even into our intimate parts of our relationships. This book aims to describe the most common Internet-related behavior and connect it with clinical and empirical trends. We try to objectively describe basic paradigms, behavior patterns and explore the advantages and disadvantages of the on-line world. The book describes on-line and off-line communication methods and their impact on our relationships. We explore well-known and lesser-known phenomenons connected with cyberspace. All theoretical background is utilized in the empirical study of Czech adolescents and their addictive behavior.

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