Primární prevence v praxi – projekt 5S

Sovová, Eliška, a kol.
Sovová, Markéta
Sova, Milan

1. edition,2023, 82 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6262-2
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obor - Tělesná kultura
This slim book was created during the Covid pandemic as a reaction to insufficient primary prevention of civilization diseases. It does not aim to be exhaustive, but rather to be a guide to further study of the available literature. In order to better remember the basic principles, we allowed ourselves to use the easy-to-remember 5S system – where the basic components for strengthening our health, including immunity, are Sleep, Diet, Sport (or rather physical activity), reduction of negative Stress and Stop smoking. As the pandemic progressed, we increasingly realized that the SARS-COV2 virus was not going away, that we would have to learn to live with it. So we expanded our 5S to Stop addictions, because other addictions can also cause negative stress and thus reduce our immunity and thus lead to the emergence of various civilizational diseases.

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