Vyprávění o Sim Čchong, Vyprávění o Unjong

Lee, Petra

1. edition,2022, 168 pp,
ISBN 978-80-244-6248-6
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obor - Literatura, literární věda
The Tale of Sim Chong is one of the most famous classical novels in Korea. The theme of the story is devotion and love between father and daughter. Sim Chong suffers all the hardships, she even decides to sacrifice her life for her father. The blind father tries to save his daughter, but after he is left alone, he suffers only misery. In the end, however, everything comes to a happy ending, so typical for Koreans. On the contrary, the Tale of Unyong is a story of tragic love that overcomes social barriers, even death. The whole novel is interwoven with tragedy and despair of the main and supporting characters, who live in a world full of pitfalls, where they fail to fulfill even the slightest wish. Unyong and her lover resemble Romeo and Juliet, but their love can overcome everything. The publication consists of an annotated translation of two classic Korean novels with an accompanying study.

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