Atlas nářečí českého jazyka – deklinace substantiv

Ireinová, Martina, a kol.
Voženílek, Vít
Koníček, Jakub

1. edition,2022, 106 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6245-5
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obor - Geografie, geologie, mineralogie
The Atlas of Czech dialects – declension of nouns presents not only dialect phenomena receding and disappearing, but also phenomena that are still alive. On the main analytical dialect maps, dialect morphological differences are shown in the territory of the Czech national language. Accompanying maps of phonetic variants complete the overall territorial picture of the pursued word forms. In addition to dialect maps and brief professional dialectological comments, the atlas contains texts describing earlier rural life, farming methods and customs. Expert interpretations are complemented by rich dialect material, while accessibility to a wide range of people interested in Czech dialects is ensured by an intelligible form of the texts. Data from the Questionnaire for the Research on Czech Dialects processed into thematic maps are brought to life by photographs taken by dialectologists mostly half a century ago during their field research. The atmosphere of the time when the dialect material was collected is shown both by the faces of the respondents at that time and by objects that used to be part of their lives.

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