Atlas nářečí českého jazyka – instrumentál plurálu

Ireinová, Martina, a kol.
Voženílek, Vít
Koníček, Jakub

1. edition,2021, 104 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6244-8
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obor - Geografie, geologie, mineralogie
Atlas of the Dialects of the Czech Language – Plural Instrument introduces readers to the research issue of declension in the 7th plural in dialects in the Czech Republic. The new visual style of analytical and synthetic dialect maps and character key are unique in the current geolingvistic cartography. The first section of the atlas contains analytical maps showing the dialect forms of the plural instrument for 39 selected words. The maps show the spatial distribution of variants of 31 nouns, 1 adjective, 3 pronouns and 4 numerals. The second section contains the synthetic dialect maps compiled by typization and regionalization from the maps in the first section. Maps of plural instrument types and regions of their distribution represent the achievement of joint cartographic and dialectological collaboration and bring valuable research results. describe the territorial distribution of recorded dialect forms of the plural instrumental and selected phonetic variants, their origin, development, and relationship to the literary language. Expert interpretations are supplemented with dialect examples from the Archive of Folk Speech, stored in the Department of Dialectology in Brno. The examples document the use of dialect variants in specific locations or regions.

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