Stimulácia metakognitívnych schopností žiaka. Program SMARTS - analýza kvalitatívnej experimentálnej intervencie

Kovalčíková, Iveta
Martinková, Ivana

1. edition,2022, 98 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6241-7
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obor - Pedagogika
The monograph is the product of theoretical and empirical research into the metacognitive and executive functioning of pupils. The purpose of the theoretical part is to characterize the concept of executive functioning and indicate its connection with the related concepts of metacognition and self-regulation. This analysis is placed in a broader, partially historical discourse on thinking and cognition in philosophy and psychology. Further, the subject of attention is the stimulation of the student's cognitive, metacognitive and executive functioning. The SMARTS metacognitive curriculum (a product of the Research Institute for Development and Education, Lexington, Massachusetts, USA) is analyzed. SMARTS was adapted and verified in Slovak conditions within the project VEGA 1/0254/20. The monograph presents the results of an experimental qualitative intervention aimed at determining the impact of the intervention through SMARTS on the student's metacognitive abilities. Based on the results of the intervention, it is possible to think about the positive impact of SMARTS on the behavioral manifestations of the executive functioning of pupils and indirectly on school performance.

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