Blanka Lamrová

Bieleszová, Štěpánka

1. edition,2022, 128 pp, hard cover
ISBN 978-80-244-6222-6
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Blanka Lamrová (1949), born in Litovel, is an inconspicuous personality of the Czech photography scene. After studies at the Secondary School of Graphics in Prague (1968–1972), she worked for incredible 43 years (1972–2015) as a photographer at the National Gallery in Prague. She devoted her whole life to documentary and time-lapse photography. Valuable are also her pictures from 1989, when she managed to capture a number of turning points, such as the emigration of citizens of the GDR and the Velvet Revolution. She is a member of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic and a member of the Association of Czech Photographers.

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