Poetika kompozice. O kompoziční výstavbě literárního díla

Všetička, František

1. edition,2022, 164 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6208-0
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obor - Literatura, literární věda
The book Poetika kompozice (Poetics of Composition) represents an attempt to describe a comprehensive compositional construction of a literary work of art. The author places emphasis on terminology, i.e. on the key terms in this area of poetics. The interpretation of compositional structure is based on both domestic and foreign literature (the work is clearly inspired by the Russian formal school). An overview of texts on this topic published in Czech is also included.
The author considers the compositional construction not only a key component of poetics, but above all a determining factor that co-creates the artistic component of a work.When interpreting compositional phenomena, he focuses on poetry, prose, as well as drama, and provides examples of texts from all these literary types. The book is a result of the author’s long-term work in the field of literary theory and poetology.

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