Evropa spolu: průvodce po historii i současnosti Evropské unie

Strejček, Petr
Broul, David
Janega, Jakub

1. edition,2022, 316 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6185-4
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obor - Politologie
The content of the publication is aimed primarily at students in the final year of secondary school and the first year of bachelor studies. However, its form is also beneficial for secondary school teachers of social science subjects. The book covers the European Union from all perspectives. It offers a probe into the history and current functioning, presents the role and functions of the EU in the European social space, and introduces all European institutions and their essence. The chapters are interspersed with interesting facts related to the topic at hand and are complemented by an expanding structure of more detailed texts in the form of glosses, fact boxes or questions for reflection. At the end of the book, there are test questions that allow the reader to check what knowledge they have taken away from the reading and which facts they should pay more attention to, which will be appreciated by both students and teachers.

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