Antropologické perspektivy současných světů: trendy, přístupy a výzvy

Horáková, Hana

1. edition,2022, 208 pp,
ISBN 978-80-244-6173-1
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Soubor dostupný po dokončení objednávky.
obor - Sociologie
The book is an outcome of the cultural anthropologists' research team at the Faculty of Arts, Palacky University Olomouc. The aim is to contribute to the contemporary debate on cultural anthropology and deepen an understanding for the key anthropological concepts in today's world - culture within the so-called post-turn anthropology, transnational cultural identities and migration, faith and religions, commodification of culture in cultural tourism, migration and home, collaborative and multi-sited ethnography. The book points out some of the current approaches, trends and challenges without giving up the need to incorporate them in the rich intellectual leaven of contemporary social sciences, especially socio-cultural anthropology which is perceived as an open, interdisciplinary, comparative and truly global science. The book consists of six chapters dealing with diverse topics, from reflexivity and polovocality, through the anthropology of home and the anthropology or religion, to the anthropology of tourism. It points to considerable challenges facing contemporary anthropologists. However, it argues that the theoretical-methodological tools which anthropologists have at their disposal thanks to more than a century of development of the discipline - long-term fieldwork, historical depth and extensive analysis of the studied phenomena, emic and etic perspectives, cultural relativism, epistemological reflexivity and the necessary knowledge of the wider context - are the promise of a successful continuation of this discipline in the 21st century.

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