Práce v hliněném poli: Sborník k sympoziu

Víšková, Anna (ed.)

1. edition,2022, 100 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6170-0
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obor - Psychologie
The collection presents the method Work at the Clay Field®. This sensorimotor therapeutic approach uses haptic contact with ceramic clay. Texts of the collection were created on the occasion of the symposium Work at the Clay Field®, held in Prague in 2019. The book contains an introduction to the method in the context of child psychotherapy (Alena Vávrová), introduction to the main principles of the method with emphasis on haptic perception (author Heinz Deuser), the use of the method in trauma treatment (Cornelia Elbrecht), a look at common features of the method and gestalt therapy (Petra Součková), the use of the method in pedagogy (Katharina Kramer and Ina Schott), a case study with a child with a neurodevelopmental speech disorder (Barbora Richtrová) and a case study with a child from institutional care (Anna Víšková).

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