Trojúhelníkové figury: otestuj si geometrickou představivost

Slezáková, Jana

1. edition,2022, 116 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6140-3
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obor - Matematika
The presented monograph points out the importance of the development of geometric imagination. It emphasizes its application not only in mathematics, architecture, fine arts or geoinformatics. The theoretical part of the publication introduces the reader to the concepts of imagination, geometric and spatial imagination. The connection between imagination and thinking, intelligence tests and laterality is presented. An interesting feature of the publication is the mention of tessellations. The publication contains partial theoretical findings and reflections on the results of relevant research. The publication contains a practical part, which contains the author's own tasks for the development of geometric imagination. These tasks are divided into two variants. The 'network' variant is a suitable tool for researchers who do not have a sufficiently developed geometric imagination. The monograph expands the issues associated with geometric imagination. It contributes to the awareness of the importance of geometry and geometric thinking to solve various problems and activities in real situations.

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