Pedagogicko-psychologické aspekty expresivních terapií u jedinců se speciálními vzdělávacími potřebami

Potměšilová, Petra a kol.

1. edition,2022, 168 pp,
ISBN 978-80-244-6128-1
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Soubor dostupný po dokončení objednávky.
obor - Pedagogika
The collective monograph brings a special pedagogical view of selected expressive therapies. The introductory chapter is a theoretical description of expressive therapies and their current state in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is followed by practical chapters in which individual expressive therapies are discussed. The firs is the oldest therapy that works with visual arts (art therapy), then terapies that are based on natural children’s activities - games (method of working in a clay field, game therapy) and therapies that work with a written story (Bibliodrama and creative writing). Each chapter first presents the theoretical basis of individual therapies, then examples from practice and case studies. The chapters are then supplemented with specific research activities.

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