Vybrané aspekty formování profesního přesvědčení začínajících učitelů

Ševčíková, Jaroslava
Plischke, Jitka
Chudý, Štefan

1. edition,2021, 140 pp,
ISBN 978-80-244-6077-2
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Soubor dostupný po dokončení objednávky.
obor - Pedagogika
Proffesional beliefs of beginning teachers, which is the main topic of the monograph entitled Selected aspects of formation of the professional beliefs of beginning teachers, is a multidisciplinary phenomenon, which is not yet clearly established in professional pedagogical terminology. The aim of this work is to anchor the concept in Czech professional terminology and to construct a new theory of the interrelationships of the formation of professional beliefs based on self-reflection of beginning teacher, in connetion with his perception of satisfaction in the profession. Research in qualitative design was carried out in several research lines, namely in the life story, and then in the line leading to grounded theory. Finally, the results of both lines were repeatedly analyzed and compared. Data were obtained mainly by the method of autonomous writing on a given problem, in-depth interviews and group discussion in focus groups.
It was found that professional belief is a phenomenon that is reflected in practice, is multifactorial and represented by the teacher's faith in the profession, and the belief that he succeeds in the profession. It is formed before starting practice as a positive phenomenon, in two dimensions, stable and episodic. If the teacher has a stron positive professional belief at the time of entering practice, he shows higher self-confidence and self-assurance and declares individual satisfaction in the profession.

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