Labyrintem (teorie) hypertextu. Mediální a textuální aspekty nelineárních textů

Foretová, Petra

1. edition,2021, 288 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6044-4
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obor - Literatura, literární věda
The book deals with media and textual properties of hypertexts in a situation where we are increasingly facing the texts that contain a variety of elements ascribed to the form of hypertext, and where there is a growing number of electronic texts that adopt a hypermedial logic of organization of information. At first glimpse, it seems that more than sixty-year-old theories and scholars' visions of a textual structure that would change the way texts are produced and received are finally coming to fulfillment. A closer look, however, reveals that to adopt these theories is in fact a misunderstanding of them, and the conceptual ungrounded nature of the term hypertext in the systems of each discipline is more than evident in its full range. What is still lacking is a synthesizing, cross-disciplinary view that would address textuality and mediality of hypertext. The present publication attempts to fill this gap by situating mediality and textuality of hypertext within the story of the history of the term, tracing the phenomenon systematically from its earliest conceptualizations to its current understanding.

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