Dramatik Max Zweig – prorok nového humanismu

Cahová, Ivana

1. edition,2021, 448 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6042-0
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obor - Literatura, literární věda
The publication deals with the life and work of Max Zweig, a native of Moravia, German-language Jewish playwright from Israel. The aim of this work is to make Zweig’s early literary and dramatic texts, so far absent in literary history, visible and accessible (especially to Czech professional public and Czech readers). This interdisciplinary work, oscillating between literary-analytical and cultural-historical studies, analyses Zweig’s artistic texts in the socio-political and cultural discourses of Moravia in a breakthrough period between the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and the first Czechoslovak Republic, of Vienna and of Berlin in the interwar period and in the early years of the Shoah, and of Tel Aviv in the last years of the British Mandate, during the pioneering building of the “Jewish homeland” and in the dramatic period following the establishment of an independent State of Israel. Through these discourses and on the basis of Zweig’s biography that they formed, this work tries to analyse in what environment and how a Central European Jewish identity was formed in the 20th century and at the same time to point out the specifics of German-language literature in Israel as an “interspace” literature that cannot be to explored through the lens of history of only one cultural and aesthetic tradition.

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