Psychologie práce a organizace 2021: Inovace - výzkum a aplikace. Sborník příspěvků z 20. mezinárodní konference

Seitl, Martin
Viktorová, Lucie
Hypšová, Petra (eds.)

1. edition,2021, 260 pp,
ISBN 978-80-244-6027-7
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Soubor dostupný po dokončení objednávky.
obor - Psychologie
Proceedings of the 20th annual conference Work and Organizational Psychology, with the subtitle 'Innovation: Research and Application', which took place online on May 13th-14th 2021, contains 20 articles and a special paper mapping the history of the conference. Thematically, the articles touch on various areas within work psychology, from employee stress and its management not only during pandemics, through the attachment styles in the workplace, to the characteristics of people at different stages of careers, starting with students and job seekers. The papers are both empirical as well as reviews in nature.

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