Pneumologie pro magistry a bakaláře

Žurková, Monika
Jakubec, Petr, a kol.

1. edition,2021, 114 pp,
ISBN 978-80-244-5986-8
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Soubor dostupný po dokončení objednávky.
obor - Lékařství
Diseases of the respiratory system are among the most common and serious diseases affecting our population. At present, due to globalization, air pollution, chronic stress and other ailments of modern civilization, their number contiues to grow. New methods and procedures of comprehensive treatment are being developed, which improve the overall care of both hospitalized, severely disabeled patients with limited mobility and patients treated on an outpatient basis. The authors of this book sought to create a textbook on pneumology so that it would become a comprehensive material for the study of etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and therapy of lung diseases. The supplemented information in the second edition of the publication reflects, the dynamic development of pneumology.

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