Slovar' novych frazem i kollokacij russkogo jazyka

Dobrova, Mariia

1. edition,2022, 412 pp, hard cover
ISBN 978-80-244-5978-3
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obor - Filologie
Dictionary of New Russian Phraseological Expressions and Collocations.
On the paces of this Dictionary the reader will come across approximately 2,000 new expressions of the Russian language, which appeared between 1991 and 2021. These are quite 'heterogeneous' material, including not only classical idioms, but also periphrases and collocations of non-expressive nature, including terminological and quasi-terminological ones. This lexicographical publication will be useful to researchers of the contemporary Russian language, linguists, translators, teachers and students of Russian studies, as well as the public interested in the current state of the Russian lantuage.

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