Trajectories of Spanish Art and Culture in Bohemia: Studies and essays about Spanish and Ibero-American Art

Štěpánek, Pavel

1. edition,2021, 264 pp, hard cover
ISBN 978-80-244-5866-3
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The book presents the sum of research of an outstanding art historian Prof. Pavel Štěpánek, a specialist on Spanish and Ibero-American culture, especially the visual arts. The publication collects eleven studies that display in notable scope of topics the relations between Spanish culture and Bohemian lands. These studies covers the extensive chronological space since the Middle Ages up to 20th century. The essays also deal with wide range of visual media as architecture, painting, sculpture, drawing and also many artifacts of the “minor arts”. A reader can meet, thanks to this book, an extraordinary phenomenon of “Spanish presence” in the Central Europe. It provides also opportunity to see the Central-Europe as dynamic space of cultural exchange, artistic intersections and creative cultural adaptations.

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