Stijlgids BA- en MA-scripties

van den Berg, Hubert
Engelbrecht, Wilken

1. edition,2019, 164 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-5622-5
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obor - Filologie
The publication Stijlgids BA- en MA-scripties (Style Guide for BA and MA theses) is a tool for Czech and Slovak students of Dutch studies in writing their graduation thesis. The Stijlgids indicates as a practical guide what students should pay attention to in their final thesis projects. Among the discussed issues are topics like which language style should be used, how the work should be formatted and how to quote in a correct way. The book discusses common Dutch language errors made by Czech students and other typical problems often recurring in theses of Czech students. The most important differences in academic style between Czech and Dutch academic habits are explained as well. An example bibliography has been added to the guide.

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