Sovremennyj russkij jazyk: prazdnik verba'lnoj svobody/Současný ruský jazyk: triumf verbální svobody

Stěpanova, Ludmila

1. edition,2011, 190 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-2953-3
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obor - Filologie
The current status of Russian language is also often called a 'Triumph of verbal Freedom'. The most noticeable change in the Russian language is its internationalization: borrowing of foreign language elements. The second feature is the revitalization of forgotten words and the neologisms. Another significant feature is the influx of internal borrowings, or slang words. Word play is another striking feature of contemporary Russian. Word play is based on idioms, proverbs and aphorisms, proper names, abbreviations, etc. Therefore, today's Russian is termed as the 'carnival period' of Russian language.

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