Rossica Olomucensia LX Num. 2/2021

Pechal, Zdeněk
Komendová, Jitka (eds.)

1. edition,2021, 84 pp, paperback
ISSN 0139-9268
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obor - Filologie
The publication is focused on the phenomenon of risk behavior of adolescents, close relationships and selected personality variables. We obtained data from 524 adolescents from 7 regions of Slovakia aged 10-16 years. We used questionnaire data collection with the following questionnaires: Incidence of adolescent risk behavior (VRSA), Depressivity Scale of Dolejš, Skopal and Suchá (SDDSS), Impulsivity Scale of Dolejš, Skopal (SIDS), Digital Gaming Questionnaire (DGQ), The Inventory of Parent and Peer Attachment (IPPA-R) , Executive Function Questionnaire (EFQ). We identified the basic variables that increase the likelihood of producing risky behavior: male gender, primary school environment, increasing age, detecresing level of regulatory abilities, changing the importance of relationships.

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