Czech and Slovak Journal of Humanities 2/2021 - Linguistica

Engelbrecht, Wilken (ed.)

1. edition,2022, 56 pp, paperback
ISSN 1805-3742
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obor - Filologie
This updated edition of the publication provides an insight into Dutch philology with a focus on linguistics, including the latest scholarship on the Dutch language. The introductory chapters provide a summary of current data concerning the use of Dutch in the world and a characterization of Dutch in terms of the genetic classification of languages, including a brief history of the Dutch language with regard to the process of language standardization and developmental trends. Furthermore, the book introduces the selected linguistic disciplines (phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicology and lexicography, pragmalinguistics), mainly on the basis of examples of various linguistic phenomena from contemporary Dutch. The book also includes a discussion of Dutch in contact with other languages and the characteristics of different varieties of contemporary Dutch. The book also includes an overview of the history of non-Dutch studies, both in the Dutch language area and in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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