Péče o významné stromy

Machar, Ivo

reprint,2022, 224 pp, paperback
ISBN 978-80-244-6155-7
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obor - Ekologie
The presented methodology is focused on active systemic care of trees as living symbols of national and cultural identity. The goal of the methodology is to guide users to the broadest possible concept of cultivation care for important trees as a systematic process throughout the entire period of their development. The user is offered a systematic procedure to determine the tree's potential, the possibility of fulfilling the required function, perspective, selection and application of appropriate cultivation interventions, the method of subsequent control, records and other system measures. Part of the care of an important tree is the analysis of its development to date, the impact of stressors it has faced, the cultivation measures that have been carried out on it in the past, and the evaluation of the tree's growth reactions to them.

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