In Our Own Image: Fictional Representations of William Shakespeare

Livingstone, David

1. vydání, 2019, 344 stran,
ISBN 978-80-244-5683-6
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This publication looks at fictional portrayals of William Shakespeare with a focus on novels, short stories, plays, occasional poems, films, television series and even comics. In terms of time span, the analysis covers the entire twentieth century and ends in the present-day. The authors included range from well-known figures (G.B. Shaw, Kipling, Joyce) to more obscure writers. The depictions of Shakespeare are varied to say the least, with even interpretations giving credence to the Oxfordian theory and feminist readings involving a Shakespearian sister of sorts. The main argument is that readings of Shakespeare almost always inform us more about the particular author writing the specific work than about the historical personage.

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