Pavel Vejvanovský and the Kroměříž music collection

Sehnal, Jiří

1. vydání, 2007, 344 stran,
ISBN 978-80-244-2133-9
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This work discusses music at the court of the Bishop of Olomouc Karl Liechtenstein-Castelcorno (reigned 1664-1693) in Kroměříž, and music in Moravia during the second half of the seventeenth century. The bishop´s music collection is the most comprehensive surviving music collection from the seventeenth century in Central Europe. The chief musician at the bishop´s court was Pavel Vejvanovský (1639?-1693). He was a trompeter as well as a composer, and had responsibility for the bishop´s music collection. In this book his life is reconstructed, and his music is characterized and evaluated. Much attention is also given to sacred music in the church of St. Maurice in Kroměříž and secular music performed at the bishop´s residence.

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